Redspa Join BIMA

12 May 2016


Redspa have recently become members of BIMA, the ‘British Interactive Media Association (UK)’ and we thought we’d share the good news with everyone. So what does joining BIMA mean for Redspa and our clients?

We will have access to BIMA’s extensive network of members and their supportive community, in order to share, create and collaborate ideas with industry leaders. We will also gain access to all of BIMA’s additional benefits which have been briefly summarised below.

  • Awards, we’re now eligible to enter projects we have worked on with our clients or in house for industry awards, meaning there might be some shiny new logos and awards to be passed around.
  • Raise Redspa’s profile, we are given access to our own digital channel where we can showcase and upload project highlights, raising awareness of Redspa’s work within the industry and therefore potentially attracting visitors to our clients businesses.
  • Redspa have a say to help steer and guide the creative and interactive media industry, we can now work alongside BIMA to make changes, who play a large part in steering legislation and guidelines industry wide.

If you want to find out more about BIMA and what they do, or even look to join the association yourselves, you can find out more here: