Spring cleaning - why should brands refresh?

6 March 2017


A brand is the public face of any business, so a good one should reflect the personality and ethos of an organisation whilst appealing to the relevant audience. A successful brand, built over years or decades is a powerful thing and the thought of changing it can be a scary one. Sometimes however, a business needs to refresh their identity in order to remain appealing and up to date. 

We’ve recently completed the rebrand of Ashfield Accountancy, a forward-thinking, technology focused business who’ve provided accountancy services within Surrey and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Their old brand had become outdated and didn’t clearly reflect the contemporary identity of the company. Our job was to reposition the brand with a clean, crisp and smart new look. 

The final solution stretched across all visual elements of the business, including a new logo, stationery and website design. It was important to create an identity that could be used across a range of contexts, from screen based media to print material, whilst having an icon device that can be used in situations where the full logo isn’t necessary, like social media. Therefore, we’ve created a logo that can be separated into three variations, a simple icon paired with a contemporary word mark. The ‘A’ icon evolved from the old logo, as we didn’t want to completely step away from the existing brand, but strengthen it. 

Sky blue, plum and navy blue are the primary brand colours and stand out amongst competitors, giving the brand a fresh, optimistic and professional feel. Our aim is that the rebrand will allow for Ashfield Accountancy to retain old clients, whilst successfully bringing in new ones. 

Rebranding can give new life to a business, changing the way it is seen by potential clients and opening up opportunities, but the identity still needs to be familiar, without alienating existing clients. It is a different process to creating a brand from scratch, which we’ll talk about in the next blog post. To see some of our other branding projects, look on our Portfolio Page or Behance profile.