Increasing conversions with performance

29 March 2017

Redspa have recently been working with the NCC Group team on our client COOK's website. NCC Group's Real User Monitoring and Performance Analyser tools provide us with powerful data that we can use to make usability and performance improvements which have lead to an increase in conversions. NCC Group have written a blog post explaining how we worked together to make it happen:

One of the biggest challenges we share with our clients is proving the business value of web performance. While it’s logical that faster websites mean happier customers and more revenue, it can be hard to provide absolute proof.

We previously relied on publicly available case studies, a fantastic collection of which is available at WPO Stats.

Our Real User Monitoring (RUM) solution has a better answer: predicting the absolute business impact of faster web pages.

The Performance Impact Prediction feature draws on a customer’s data to estimate the effects of performance improvements. It takes all the data about visits to the website and builds a model of the relationship between performance and visitor behaviour. Enter a new, improved load time, and it will predict changes in conversions, bounce rate and revenue for your entire population or even individual segments (e.g. Android users).

And guess what?

It works.

Read the full blog post on the NCC Group website.